There is paper
that thinks.

Paper that recalls the “Giving Tree,” Paper capable of new expression, paper that realizes the will of the designer, High quality paper that businesses and artists around the world, and graphic designers use, this is what we call paper that thinks.

That is why
we contemplate:

What kind of paper preserves nature, helps people and businesses?
We contemplate on and on.
For 30 years, Doosung Paper has supplied the Korean market with specialty papers leading a higher level of paper culture.

Doosung puts into practice.

New environmentally-friendly paper, a lasting consideration for people and nature, Doosung puts these into practice.
Keeping up with the era of sustainable design, we develop environmental papers, and through environmental certifications (as the first company in Korea to acquire both FSC™ and PEFC™ certifications at the same time), we put green papermaking into practice.
We have signed OEMs with overseas papermakers to continuously develop and supply new paper, while promoting personal growth and managerial innovation for our employees.
We organize and support a range of cultural projects including various exhibitions and symposiums, as well as serving the role of corporate sponsor.


People who spend half of their days, half of their lives with paper, who therefore boast incredible knowledge and experience with paper.
People who know all there is about the qualities that make excellent paper, what kinds of paper are used by more people, in more places, people who know the characteristics and uses of paper.
Or, people who can tell the difference between hundreds and thousands of papers by touch alone, people who not only think of paper, but of the trees, forests, and environment as well.
Why? How? For whom? People who, to find better paper, continuously ask these questions and search for answers.

The world describes these people as the paper experts of Doosung Paper.

Each and every day, around us, paper is used to record and draw, is folded, unfolded, glued, and cut.
It is bound and formatted, and serves as a medium of communication.
As the uses of paper increase in everyday life, a paper expert’s contemplation to discover healthy paper continues each and every day.

If you wish to find paper that you need,
discover it now.

The people responsible for paper in Korea, they are the paper experts of Doosung Paper.

Doosung Paper,
We value
the true quality of paper.

The growth of Doosung Paper, the thought and consideration for the evolution of paper:

our past 30 years have been the history of paper evolution itself.

Starting with the original uses of paper, we create new values and trends, infuse new opportunities and possibilities, and serve the role of cultural disseminators who expand the variety of uses!

Doosung Paper thinks and researches continuously to reach past the inherent “paper-like” qualities of paper to discover and share a higher value beyond paper.

Through the efforts to discover new values of “paper,” we nurture its values share them with more people, and disseminate them through society, and thus establish and expand a positive image of Doosung Paper.

By diversifying our portfolio to include new materials and businesses and thus establishing a stable foundation for growth, we will achieve continuous growth of double digits annually. As the leading group of paper experts in Korea, we will create new opportunities based on paper, share these opportunities with society as creators of cultural content, and continue to serve as fastidious paper experts who disseminate the proper values of paper.

adding value to paper

People who create paper, add color, determine the shape, and finally take deep breaths to add life to paper! People who add greater value to the intrinsic value of paper, and thus who led the growth of the paper industry! Doosung Paper has grown side by side with these people, both at home and abroad.

breathing life into paper.

The first paper to realize artwork the way designers envision, the finest paper that designers turn to when creating brochures, packages, and corporate pamphlets to advertise products! Cutting-edge specialty paper that stimulate the boundless imagination of artists, paper presented with confidence, certified by world professionals! Paper recommended by print houses as making artwork stand out! Today’s Doosung Paper was made possible through the discerning eye of designers and the efforts of our partners.

Once again, together,
talking about paper.

Taking into consideration the texture, mood, reproducibility, and the expressiveness of designers, Doosung Paper has supplied the finest, and the most advanced paper to those who need it.
Doosung Paper will continue to seek more than profit, sustain its determination to grow alongside people, nature, and society, and maintain its status as one of the finest high-end paper distributors of Korea.

Small things we must do,
For people,
For nature.

Each and every person,
each business, each society
can do something for our planet, Earth.

Paper is, in itself, civilization and culture, it is a tool.
Paper changed human civilization and gave rise to new civilizations and cultures.
However, it is also true that paper has harmed our forests, since it is created using the forests of our planet.
Forests are the lungs of the Earth.
For the Earth to breathe, the lungs must be healthy.
Eco-friendliness is one of the major points of discussion in the 21st Century, and therefore businesses and products that harm or pollute the environment are gradually losing their place.
In such a corporate environment, Doosung Paper uses eco-friendly paper to help green businesses.
Doosung Paper uses paper that embodies culture and civilization, leading the way in creating a new paradigm of paper that does not harm nature or ecology system.
In doing so, we participate in the green movement of environmental protection and resource conservation.

From forests to people,
and from people,
to forests again.

Making forests: bigger.
In order to restore forests that have been felled in the papermaking process, we plant and nurture new trees. We continuously manage the forests, and ensure that nature can breathe.

Making paper: reusable
We recycle scrap paper as raw materials for papermaking, supplying new paper.

Making energy : useful
We use the black liquor byproducts of the pulping process as fuel.


Planting trees,
Nurturing forests!
Forest Certified Paper

Certified by FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC™ (Programme for the endorsement of Forest Certification) Doosung Paper is an eco-friendly paper distributor.

Forest Certification Programs
use international standards to determine whether forests and working conditions of the workers in the forests are properly managed.

Forest Certified Ppaper
refers to paper made from certified wood produced at forests managed by following standards.
The Structure of Forest Certification Programs

Forest Management Certification
A certification system for forests, that creates value for the environment and society, and evaluates and verifies whether forests are being properly managed.

Chain of Custody Certification
A certification system for manufacturing, processing, and distribution that evaluates and verifies whether certified materials are kept segregated from non-certified materials in all processes.

Use of Certification Mark
In order to use the certification mark on a product, all companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a product must be certified. If there is even a single company involved in the manufacturing and distribution process that has not been certified before the product reaches the end-user, the certification mark may not be used.


For the sake of the environment, It is a must!

Doosung Paper has acquired FSC™, PEFC™ and CoC certifications, which are major global certification authorities in the field of forest resource preservation.

Using such certified products is a way to avoid using illegally logged wood products and to continue supporting afforestation.
Forest Stewardship Council

™FSC™ was created in 1993 by the Forest Stewardship Council as a means to protect forest resources and ensure sustainable forest management.
It promotes healthy forest management practices, and solves a range of issues that arise from faulty management, thus contributing to responsible forest management around the globe.
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC™ was created in Paris in 1999, with the stated goal of promoting sustainable forest management.
It is governed by the PEFC Council, which consists of 35 independent forest certification systems, and evaluates the independently established national forest certification systems around the world.

The standard with which to choose, environmental paper.

Doosung Paper is leading the way in supplying Ecomark certified paper, a certification recognized around the world.
FSC™ / FSC™ Mark
The certification mark of FSC™, an international NGO.
The mark certifies that the paper was made of wood chips produced from certified wood. In order to use the logo mark, the paper must go through a strict verification process.

Korea / Eco-Label
The Eco-Label system was first established by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute in order to provide accurate environmental information on products that cause less pollution or conserve resources in production and consumption process compared to other products that serve the same purpose, and promote the development and production of green products that meet the demands of consumers.

Paper, nurturing possibilities.

The strength that brings richness to culture and art in our society, that strength lies with people.
Doosung Paper believes in the potential of people.
In order to realize that potential, we spare no effort in providing paper to anyone who needs it, from students, universities, designers, and publishers.

Paper, promoting Hanji, unveiling forests.

Korea has its own paper, with hundreds of years of history and narrative.
Korea’s paper, Hanji!
Doosung Paper has served to promote Hanji, by supporting and producing in the Hanji industry and promoting Hanji throughout the world.

Paper, moving hearts

Learning with paper, Speaking with paper, and moving hearts with paper, that is what Doosung Paper does.
Through “School in the Paper,” “Doosung Gallery,” and “Doosung Books,” we plan a wide range of cultural projects, educating people and holding a variety of exhibitions.
Openning the paper marketplace for paper enthusiasts "BAEKJIJANG"
Openning the "Gesture as World Process" of Mukai Shutaro exhibition and seminar
Staionary shop "Ationery" open
The Exhibitions "Simsimhada" of Koo Bohnchang as photographer, and Yamaguchi Nobuhiro as Designer.
Participation in Seoul Living and Design Fair 2015 at COEX
Participation in Paperworld Frankfurt 2015 : Opening of Haji Booth
Participation in Craft Trend Fair 2014 : Opening of Hanji Booth
Opening of In the Paper Gallery (2nd Floor of the Company Building)
Opening of In the Paper gallery
Implementation of the CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program
Opening and launch of the In the Paper shop after moving to Eulji-ro
Acquisition of CI service mark from the Korea Intellectual Property Office
Completion of new high rack warehouse in Gonjiam Depot
Expansion of Gonjiam distribution center warehouse
"Reading Asian Culture on the Paper Road" exhibition and symposium held in
celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Doosung Paper 30th Anniversary
Opening of Daegu office and logistics warehouse
Doosung Paper announces CI change, application for trademark registration
Shindang-dong HQ branch moved to Eulji-ro, logistics warehouse opens for
business and starts deliveries
500 million won contributed to the company labor welfare fund
Establishment of Doosung Paper labor welfare fund approved
President & CEO Lee Hae-won takes charge
School in the Paper educational program “Packaging and Wrapping Expert Course” begins
Opening of Doosung Cyber Training Institute
Establishment of DS Paper and Board
Establishment of Doosung Paper affiliate, Doosung Paper Design La
Opening of In the Paper Hongik University
Establishment and operation of company communication group-ware system
Acquisition of PEFC™ CoC certification, first in Korea to acquire both the FSC™ and PEFC™
certifications at the same time
Official launch of publishing company Doosung Ltd. Doosung Books
Acquisition of FSC™ CoC certification
Daegu office moved, “Paper Gallery” opened
Miryang Depot installed
Company name changed to Doosung Paper Ltd.
Launch of “Duni,” online shopping site specializing in paper tableware
Chairman & CEO Lee Hoon-yong, President & CEO Lee Hae Won appointed
Completion of Paju Depot and launch of Paper Gallery
Busan office moved, launch of Paper Gallery
Launch of online shopping site “Jisangnakwon”
Registration of internal brand “PAPER ANGEL” trademark and design
Launch of HQ Paper Gallery
Establishment of distribution center northern office
20th Century Poster Exhibition Spanning 100 years (Sejong Center Art Hall)
held in celebration of 20th Anniversary
Opening of Gonjiam total distribution center “Paper Gallery”
Completion of secondary building of Gonjiam total distribution center,
completion of total distribution center
Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning System,
establishment of integrated national computer network
Synthetic paper “YUPO Seminar and Exhibition”
Establishment of Western Office
Completion of Gonjiam total distribution center management office
Establishment of Daegu Office
Completion of primary building of Gonjiam total distribution center
"Children’s Origami Paper Arts and Crafts Fair"
Ecology Paper Fair
HQ Office moved to 1641-6, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Establishment of Central Office
Establishment of Busan Office
Opening of Seoul Paper Show at the Design Packaging Center
Founding of Doosung Industry Ltd. (Chairman & CEO: Lee, Hoon-yong, Lee, Myung-woo)
It is a work and exhibition space for designers and artists, a play space for paper, a place where people exchange thoughts and stories, an open, comprehensive culture and communications space.
Doosung Paper’s paper-related instruction services Include a variety of living classes held throughout the year, led by expert instructors.
At the Doosung Paper online shopping site you can find all kinds of paper from around the world.
The Doosung Paper publishing affiliate, discovers new methods of publishing including the fields of arts and humanities.
We have all types of paper available in Korea in stock, distributing everything from print paper, designer paper, colored paper, to cardboard.
Here, paper not only changes, but evolves. From function, material, and use, paper evolves in astonishing ways, leading to evolution in our lives.

Doosung Paper has much to consider.

How do we maintain stable, sustainable growth? How do we make a positive contribution to society, grow as a fair, responsible, and respectable company?

Doosung Paper wonders On and on.

To find that answer, Doosung Paper has implemented the CSR Program since January 2014. The program goes beyond the social responsibility and social contribution of companies, involving comprehensive elements of corporate strategy from the founding, present, and future vision of Doosung Paper.
To use social responsibility as a key standard for all activities involved when doing business, creating a positive effect on not only profit, the result of doing business, but for all stakeholders and the organizations they belong to!

That is the essence of stable, sustainable growth, that Doosung Paper seeks to achieve.